Electrical development:

Electrical development projects
We have done traditional electrical designing in Finland as well as abroad. Projects span from apartment buildings to industrial buildings and special projects.

In electrical designing our customers are mostly construction companies, factories, commercial enterprises, local communities and individual persons. Most significant and interesting projects have been Lithuanias Civil Aviation Administrations projects; the flight control buildings and -towers at Vilna and Kaunas, Klaipedas radar station and the refitting of Palangas flight control building.

New constructions and renovationsNew constructions include e.g. factories, housing- and commercial buildings and residental houses.
Municipal projectsMunicipal projects have been e.g. school- and institution buildings, streetlights, old people's homes and day-nurseries.
TelesystemsTelesystem designs cover e.g. computer-, phone- and antenna systems.
Security systemsSecurity systems include e.g. fire-, burglary- and robbery alarm systems.
ReferencesList of electrical design projects.
List does not cover every project we have done, but is an example of our versatile experiences.