Vapo Timber OySawMill
Pyhännän Rakennustuote OyHouse elements
Suomen Rakennustuote OyHouse elements
ÄlvsbyhusPrefabricated buildings, house elements
Hätälä OyFish factory, food industry
Sepa OyEurope's leading manufacturer of plate-structured roof trusses
VersowoodManufacturer of glue-laminated wood
Jidea OyComputer aided design systems
Uponor OyFloor heating systems, HVA-equipments
ATS-LithuaniaLithunania's civil aviation control
Coronaria OyMedical publications and equipments
Tarmo-Rakenne OyConstruction- and engineering company
Siikajoen kuntaMunicipality
Tyrnävän kuntaMunicipality
Simon kuntaMunicipality
Kolarin kuntaMunicipality
Suppliers / co-operation companies
Edumedia OyComputer equipment
Byrodata OyComputer equipment
Addi-Data GmbH:nPCI-cards
Telemeganique / Schneider Electric Finland OyLogic control systems
SiemensLogic control systems
OmronLogic control systems
Beijer OyElectrical equipment wholesale firm
ABBElectrical accessories and motor control systems
Ensto OyjElectrical equipment
IFM-electronic OyElectrical equipment
Jokab Safety AbSecurity systems and -relays
SchrackControl relays and other electronic equipments
Onninen OyjElectrical equipment wholesale firm
SLO OyjElectrical equipment wholesale firm
Teknopolis OyjOulu technology center
City of OuluCity
Patentti- ja rekisterihallitusThe National Board of Patents and Registration
YTJ-tietopalveluBusiness Information System

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